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Welcome to WindSpirit Boxers. Our love affair with boxers began in 2001 when Telstar’s Rocco became a part of our lives. Rocco’s temperament and personality soon had us wrapped around his flashy paw. He turned our world upside down. We were hopelessly in love and have never looked back.

Our careers as airline pilots came to an abrupt end when the company shut its doors. As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. We now had an opportunity to spend more time at home and become “earthlings” once again. We enjoy spending time with our fur family which is made up of six cats, three horses and our seven boxers.
In 2003, Ch.Bix-L Time’s Double Delight - “ Madeline” joined our growing boxer family, thanks to co-owner, friend and mentor Beth Pariseau of Bix-L Boxers. Madeline is the litter sister of ABC 2002 Winners Dog and Bestof Winners Ch.Bix-L Time’s Triple Double.

In August 2004, we moved to the high desert of northern Arizona, off the old Route 66 in Juniperwood Ranch. Lots of room for our boxers to run and hunt on 50 acres of fenced land.
In 2006 we opened a custom logo apparel business.
WindSpirit Embroidery - providing embroidered and decorated apparel. See our website for examples of our work:
WindSpirit Embroidery
Our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful and intelligent boxers with outstanding temperaments for show and pet homes. All of our boxers are throughly health tested. Our testing includes 24-holter monitor, checked by cardiologist for SAS, hip x-rays, and thyroid check. For more complete results contact us.
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Contact: Marie Fox- Edgar
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Ash Fork, Arizona

I am a proud member of the
American Boxer Club - since 2013

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